Unit Description

CICANT – The Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies is one of four poles from CIC.Digital and results from the combined efforts of all teachers in the School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies towards the goal of creating a research unit which allows for the integration and harnessing of all the research activities conducted within the school.

This unit promotes theoretical and applied research on all its subject areas: Media Technologies; Media and society, Arts and Communication and Cultural and Media Studies. The center work is highly focused on knowledge transfer and exchanges with the industry and similar centers in Portugal and abroad that also work in areas that cross the study of the media, arts, culture and technologies.

CIC.Digital, pólo CICANT has a large experience in international research projects namely at the European and
international levels.

Since 2004, CIC.Digital, pólo CICANT has been the leader of over 15 international projects supported by diferente EU programes, namely Fp7, H2020, Erasmus + and Media, indifferent areas ranging from media literacy to Smart media technologias and audience research. Therefore, CIC.Digital, pólo CICANT possesses a unique profile, distinctively suited to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of communication and media research.

General Objectives

  • To attract young researchers and support their Masters, Ph.D and Post-Ph.D activities;
  • To publish the scientific works of all the centre members or any other works that result from research activity being carried out within CICANT;
  • To promote the development of the Communication and Information Sciences in Portugal, in Europe and in all the Portuguese speaking countries.

Objectives & Achievements

We sought to consolidate the establishment of four separate lines of research within CICANT, namely New Media and New Technologies, Media and Cultural Studies, Arts and Visual Culture, and Marketing and Organisational Communication.

As such, research project proposals in these areas were once again submitted to the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation as well as to European competitions (with an industrial and entrepreneurial dimension) for the purpose of obtaining funding.


CICANT is an institutional member of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). strongly encouraging its members to participate in ECREA as well as in IAMCR Conferences.

Two of CICANT’s members – Cláudia Álvares and Manuel José Damásio – have coordinating positions in the Gender and Communication Section as well as in the TV Studies Section.

Main research Lines

  • Media, Society and Participatory Processes
    • Media, Children and Youth
    • Media and Health
    • Media and Gender
    • Media and Journalism
  • Digital Media, Arts and Technologies
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Visual/Sonic Cultures
    • Media Art and Creative Industries
    • Netactivism
  • Media Studies: Theories and Concepts
  • Information Dynamics and Complexity in Societies and Organisations
    • Computational Social Science and Networks (COSINE)- Visual/Sonic Cultures
    • Information Systems applied to digital businesses
    • Complex mobile environments
    • Movlab (cybernetics)

Support and Partners

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