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Stereo & Immersive Media — 2015 Conference, Lisbon, October 7-9

Stereo and Immersive Media — 2015 International Conference aims to bring together researchers, artists and archivists working visual media renowned for their stereoscopic and/or immersive features. Stereo and immersive media environments have been providing an expanded field for photographic media since the 19th century. The recent revival of interest in stereo and immersive technologies has […]

Cláudia Álvares – Rotas em colisão? Reconstruindo gestos de combate político num mundo globalizado

Rotas em colisão? Reconstruindo gestos de combate político num mundo globalizado Quinta-feira, dia 18 de junho às 18h no Auditório do Museu Colecção Berardo – Entrada Livre Conferencista: Cláudia Álvares Nota Biográfica: Cláudia Álvares foi eleita president da European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) em Outubro de 2012. No âmbito da iniciativa da Fundação Europeia para a […]

Jürgen Bock: O Modo de Repensar a História da Arte na Obra de Heimo Zobernig

  O Modo de Repensar a História da Arte na Obra de Heimo Zobernig Conferência: Quarta – 18 de Julho | 18h | Auditório do Museu Colecção Berardo Conferencista: Jürgen Bock Resumo: Partindo das exposições de Heimo Zobernig, pretende-se analisar a história recente da exposição de arte bem como os mitos “necessários” à construção de […]


Unit Description CICANT is one of four poles from CIC.Digital and results from the combined efforts of all teachers in the School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies towards the goal of creating an autonomous research unit which will allow for the integration and harnessesing of all the research activities conducted within the school.This unit promotes […]

Our Research

Our Current Research In_NovaMusEUm Museums come back to the local community through Art&Food project aims to strengthen the capacity to attract new audiences of European museums located in peripheral areas, through activities of audience development related to Art&Food, valorization of museum artworks collections and local cultural heritage. Read more GAMILearning The Games for Media and […]

ResponSEAble – Protecting the ocean

In the context of project H2020 – ResponSEAble, a collective of six Key Stories about the Ocean’s Literacy was published. The Key Stories are available here and are about the following themes: – Key Story on Cosmetics and Microplastics – Key Story on Ballast Water and Alien Invasive Species – Key Story on Eutrophication and […]

Unit Journal | Caleidoscópio

Caleidoscópio: Revista de Comunicação e Cultura Presentation, Mission and Objectives Caleidoscópio is a scientific journal published every six month, constituting itself as an organ of expression of researchers at the Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies (CICANT), based in the School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Information Technologies. The main objectives […]

Position for Junior COPELABS Researcher

COPELABS-SITI-01-2017- Junior Researcher – H2020 UMOBILE project Copelabs – Siti has reopened 1 position for Junior Researcher – deadline to apply is April, 30th. Expected start: May / June 2017 Duration: 12 months Preferred Skills and Profile: · MSc or PhD (up to 3 years of independent career) within the fields of computer science, informatics […]

Vaga para Junior Researcher na COPELABS

COPELABS-SITI-01-2017 – Investigador Junior – Projecto H2020 UMOBILE A Copelabs – Siti reabriu 1 vaga até 30 de Abril para Investigador Junior . Data expectável de início: Maio / Junho 2017 Duração: 12 meses Caso se encontre no perfil que procuramos: · Mestrado ou doutoramento (até 3 anos de carreira independente) em ciências da computação […]

Book Chapters

Almeida Santos, J. & Belo, A. (2010). A informação televisiva na RTP2: o Jornal 2. In Joel Frederico da Silveira, António Belo, Gustavo Cardoso (Ed.) Telejornais no início do Século XXI, Lisboa: Edições Colibri, pp. 133-170. Almeida Santos, J. (2010). Medios y poder: cambios y perspectivas en las relaciones entre política, medios y comunicación. In […]