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Call for papers: “Mediatization Studies”

International journal “Mediatization Studies” is announcing call for papers for the new issue (Winter 2016/2017). We are expecting papers that apply mediatization approach in its multiple dimensions, theoretically informed empirical works are especially welcomed.

Deadline for full paper submissions: 31st of January, 2017

“Mediatization Studies” is the first international journal entirely devoted to the mediatization topic. We invite authors and papers from around the world that address one or more of the following key questions:
  1. Mediatization Theory

    Conceptual studies devoted to its essence, different stages and manifestation, as well as its verification in diverse social conditions (conceptualizing mediatization);
  2. Methodological Challenges for Mediatization Research;

  3. Changing Roles of Old Media and New Media Usage

    Mediated and computer-mediated communication; various aspects of media convergence;
  4. Dimensions of Mediatisation

    E.G.: Mediatization of politics, culture and business, philosophy of mediatization and mediatized communication).

To register as an Author please visit: journals.umcs.pl/ms/user/register

On behalf of Editorial board:

Vice-editor: dr hab. Ewa Nowak-Teter

Editorial assistant: dr Wojciech Maguś

Contact: mediatization.studies@gmail.com