In_NovaMusEUm – Museums come back to the local community through Art & Food

In_NovaMusEUm project aims to strengthen the capacity to attract new audiences of European museums located in peripheral areas, through activities of audience development related to Art&Food, valorization of museum artworks collections and local cultural heritage.


  • To create and test a new shared methodology of audience development related to Art&Food for EU peripheral museums
  • To reinforce audience development skills of EU peripheral museums’ responsibles
  • To increase local community’s feeling of belonging to peripheral museums through art and food, boosting new confidence and ideas
  • To create new forms of artistic cooperation between EU peripheral museums’responsibles and local emerging artists
  • Implementation of one shared strategy of audience development related to Art&Food, for EU peripheral museums


  • Centro Europeu Turismo, Cultura e Spettacolo (Italy)
  • Museum Skoklostersslott (Sweden)
  • Theodoros Papagiannis Museum (Greece)
  • CICANT – Universidade Lusófona (Portugal)
  • Tirana Ekspres (Albania).

Support and Partners

Universidade Lusófona

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