Three dimensional motion analysis for monitoring of rehabilitation and high performance training of the equine athlete.

The aims of his project is validate several rehabilitation techniques for horses through the kinematic three – dimensional analysis of their locomotion with the vicon system. The population of this study are horses with previous clinical diagnosis that are admitted on rehabilitation center, and a specific protocol for musculoskeletal pathologies diagnosed is applied to them. Biomechanical evaluation is performed prior to initiating the protocols, throughout its execution and at the end of it.

Principal Investigator (PI): Manuel Mario de Araujo Pequito

Co- Principal Investigator (Co-PI): João Manuel Cunha da Silva Abrantes

This project was selected to be funded in the last FCT 2017 Call for SR&TD Project Grants.

Ref: LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-032613

Aural Experience, Territory, and Community

Based on the aural experience in two parishes of the municipality of Lisbon, Alvalade and Belém, we intend to draw the relationship of the communities with their neighbourhood. Through dialogues with its inhabitants, with the sound and visual mapping of neighbourhoods, we want to understand what areas exist or are necessary for a greater participation or inclusion of urban life; what aspects of the sensitive culture have deteriorated or remain as agglutinators of social life; and what can be done, at the level of acoustic ecology, to maintain an aural experience that brings well-being and identity to the community. With this project, whose objectives could be applied to other neighbourhoods in the city, we intend to unite an ancestral sensitive culture to the notions of time, space, community and renewed identity, in part, by the use of reproduction technologies. The works to be developed will be included online in the website Lisbon Sound Map

Principal Investigator (PI): Luís Cláudio Dos Santos Ribeiro

Co- Principal Investigator (Co-PI): José Manuel de Figueiredo Gomes Pinto

This project was selected to be funded in the last FCT 2017 Call for SR&TD Project Grants.

Ref: LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-029096


The International Journal of Film and Media Arts Volume: 2, Number: 2 is available online

About the journal

The International Journal of Film and Media Arts is an online semiannual publication, written in English and Portuguese, promoted by the Center for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies (CICANT / CIC.Digital) and the Department of Film and Media Arts (DCAM) from ECATI, Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (Lisbon, Portugal). The IJFMA focuses on all areas of film and media arts research and critique, namely animation, television, media arts, videogames, fine arts, sound and their varied social and cultural forms of expression and materialization

A Dag Studio at S&I Media ’18

A nineteenth-century inspired daguerreotype studio will be installed at the conference venue, Universidade Lusófona.

Thanks to LUPA – Luís Pavão Lda. , you will rediscover one of the first techniques of photography and take the result back home with you.

This unique experience will take around 2 hours, during which you will be invited to participate in the several stages of the process: polishing the brass plate, preparing a pose with clothing and props of your choice, exposure of the plate to iodine vapors to create a light-sensitive surface, image development, fixation and gilding, and finally the packaging of the plate in a case specifically designed for this event.

This beautiful daguerreotype was recently taken for the preparation of the dag studio. This is the portrait of the daguerreotypists team. From right to left: Luís Pavão, Inês Fernandes and Paula Lourenço.

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