Call for Papers and Art Projects

The Universidade Lusófona and the Fine Arts Society (Lisbon, Portugal) will be hosting the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media during 28-30 June, 2018.

This will be an inspiring and stimulating conference that will include keynote sessions by photography experts with 3D projections, 3D experimental cinema, a Dag studio, guided tours to a stereo photography historical exhibition and to a mechanical music museum, and an exhibition of contemporary stereo and immersive projects!

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Paper published in the Feminist Media Studies

CICANT’s principal investigator, Maria Claúdia Álvares, just published an article in the Feminist Media Studies journal entitled: “Online staging of femininity: disciplining through public exposure in Brazilian social media”. Claudia’s paper analyses the architecture of online environments as “facilitating both the performance and the staging, within a Brazilian context, of a sexualised femininity that is stereotypically reductive to hegemonic definitions of body image and bodily practices.”

This publication revived Claudia’s interest on Gender Studies highly related to a perspective that equates misogyny to hate speeches that are highly increased by the networks, and social media-saturated environments and interactions we are all confronted with.

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Cicant’s new project proposals submitted

Since January ‘18 CICANT has submitted a total of 9 project proposals to national and international calls. Under the program ENI-CBC-MED we’ve submitted two proposals, one as consortium leaders and the other one as partners, involving Mediterranean partners from Palestine, Tunisia and Jordan. Under the programPortugal 2020 – Fundo Azul, a national call for projects related to the Sea, we’ve submitted another two proposals, once again one as consortium leaders and the second one as partners. For these proposals, we resort to the body of knowledge and expertise acquired via CICANT’s participation in the ongoing project H2020, ResponSEAble.

Considering CICANT’s expertise in Sound, we also got involved in a proposal for the Marie Curie – European Researcher Night program. The remaining four proposals were submitted under the Erasmus + program, all of them under the Strategic Partnerships headline. In all these last proposals CICANT will act as consortium partner.

The amount and scope of the submitted proposals testify to CICANT’s vitality and productivity as well as the extensive network, both at national and international levels, the unit is a part of.

Playing, learning and creating in the digital age

CICANT will host the researcher Monica Elena Mitarca from the Universitatea Crestina Dimitrie Cantemir – Bucharest, during two weeks between March, 14 and 28.

The researcher has won a STSM grant ( IS1410 ) under the Cost Action Program to develop her work dedicated to the thematic topic: “Playing, learning and creating in the digital age”.

The tutor during this period will be the researcher Conceição Costa, PI on the GAMILearning Project.

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