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Our Current Research


Museums come back to the local community through Art&Food project aims to strengthen the capacity to attract new audiences of European museums located in peripheral areas, through activities of audience development related to Art&Food, valorization of museum artworks collections and local cultural heritage.


The Games for Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Learning project (GAMILearning) aims to develop the critical and participative dimensions of media literacy of tweens, through the gamification of the learning experience. Working with cohorts of youth aged 9 to 12 in Portugal and Austin, Texas, the project builds on field-tested research to address the need for student awareness and skill in managing their digital identities with game play and production.

Suporte à motivação para a auto-gestão da pessoa com diabetes através de Comunicação Digital e acesso remoto a dados de Saúde

Support to self-management motivation for persons with diabetes via Digital Communication and Health data remote access is a project led by the Portuguese Diabetes Association (Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal – APDP) in partnership with CICANT, University of Texas and Evolute.


Protecting the Ocean: our collective responsibility, our common interest. Supporting the development of cost-effective ocean literacy in Europe.



ECFOLI is a Media Education and Information literacy project in the Mediterranean region. Youth and adults from Cyprus, Palestine, Marocco, Portugal and France will foster conflict resolution strategies through the lens of common cultural heritage.

Stereo Visual Culture

The research project Stereo Visual Culture aims to characterize the visual culture of stereoscopy in Portugal based on its photographic images and the corresponding specialized discourses in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.



ESSEMBLE is a unique European training and development project promoted by four European film and Media schools: Universidade Lusófona, Film, Video and Multimedia department, Lisbon, Portugal; Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design, Brussels, Belgium; Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Budapest, Hungary, and ifs international film school cologne, Germany.

DOC Nomads

The DOC NOMADS European Master Courseis a 2-year-long (120 ECTS) documentary film making course taught in English and delivered by three European Universities: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias of Lisbon, Hogeschool Sint-Lukas of Brussels and the consortium leader University of Theatre and Film of Budapest.



CIAKL II – Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning is a research and business project by a cross-European network of schools and organizations focused on promoting entrepreneurship teaching and research and reinforcing the linkage between training and entrepreneurship and new businesses in the areas of the creative industries.


KINOEYES, KEM – The European Movie Masters is an original study programme that seeks to promote new teaching and learning opportunities for learners and teachers in the areas of fiction film making and creativity studies. This two year MA programme is a brand-new highly intensive fiction film making masters degree supported by ERASMUS+.


Improving Prenatal Health Communication: Engaging Men via e-Health

The purpose of this project is to develop an e-health intervention that could be used to engage men in issues around prenatal health.

Delivering Repeated Health Messages through Digital Media to Increase Physical Activity in Dialysis Patients

This project builds on past research on redundant communication and tests how these principles work in physical activity messages delivered to dialysis patients in the US and Portugal.

Our Past Research


IDTV health

iDTV-SAÚDE: Serviços inclusivos de promoção da saúde e bem-estar via televisão digital interactiva.


ComuniMEDIA – Mobilidade, Comunidade e Capital Social



The project e-Audiences deals with the analysis of diverse media usage, from old to new media, their interdependencies and interconnectedness at a national level, and aims to contribute to a European comparative study that is being developed in the COST ACTION IS0906 context, on how media changes across Europe and the relationship between different media.

Lisbon Sound Map

Lisbon Sound Map is a work in progress over five years, but with a public presentation of the first sound collections after six months. Taken from the fixed stations, the monitoring and recording of sonic territories will be done in studies.



This research is aimed at responding to a market need, which is largely recognized by academics, firms and consumers: to overcome the under-use of mobile devices for informational and transactional purposes (Dahlberg et al., 2008; Kleijnen et al., 2007).

Women and Media

The project intends to develop a set of gender indicators to be used by media organisations in Europe, responding to one of the remaining recommendations of the Beijing Platform for Action in relation to improving the position of women in decision-making across the media landscape. This project is funded by European Institute for Gender Equality.


O Papel da Comunicação

A equipa de investigadores, Francisco Costa Pereira, Damasceno Dias da Universidade Lusófona e Pedro Parreira da Escola de Enfermagem de Coimbra, estão a desenvolver um projeto sobre “O papel da comunicação na motivação dos públicos seniores para a gestão do conhecimento e eficácia organizacional nas organizações”.


Film and media schools in Europe represent a unique heritage of skills and competences. For decades these schools have educated professionals for a very complex market underpinned by high levels of entrepreneurship and technical innovation.


A Representação Discursiva da Mulher

O projeto de investigação tinha por objetivo geral compreender a construção/negociação de género nas revistas masculinas e femininas e, nessa medida, identificar e caracterizar as subjectividades masculinas e femininas accionadas pelas diferentes publicações.

Biomechanics Research

Equine Biomechanics research is supported by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology through the project, “Equine biomechanics: kinematic and dynamometric analysis of the normal equine locomotion and comparison of the effect of different conformations and orthopaedic treatments”.


Project Leonardo

The Department Film, Video and Multimedia takes part as a Partner in the project led by SZFE. Universidade Lusófona shall contribute to the innovation at SZFE, namely to the development of its methodology and structure of scriptwriting and visual effect. Both partners shall endeavour to reveal all further collaboration opportunities in the course of the consultations.

Arte Pública nas Relações Culturais Luso-Brasileiras

O objectivo deste projecto é pensar o lugar da arte pública no aparato da cultura destes dois países, problematizando e caracterizando o seu posicionamento face aos contactos culturais desenvolvidos.


A influência da publicidade nas Crianças

As crianças são um público muito vulnerável às estratégias comerciais de marketing e em especial à publicidade, tanto mais quanto menor for a sua idade. Existem países no Norte da Europa que proibiram a publicidade dirigida a crianças, para preservar as crianças da sua influência. Esta medida não tem um acordo consensual da comunidade científica.

Audiovisual Strategic Business Planning

ASBP is geared to audiovisual sector entrepreneurs who wish to develop digital strategies and build ´investor ready´ business plans that are innovative, competitive and have value.


Envolvimento Cívico Feminino

A maioria dos estudos sobre a esfera pública online têm tendido para a aplicação do modelo habermasiano da democracia deliberativa às práticas discursivas e políticas em blogues e fóruns (ÁLVARES, 2011).


The project proposal’s main goal was to understand what are the most relevant barriers to digital TV adoption by Portuguese citizens in the switchover context.


Digital Media

Investigador responsável (IR): Manuel José Damásio.

Modelação de Utilizadores e Audiências

Modelação de Utilizadores e audiências: a televisão e os novos media Projeto financiado através do Programa Operacional “Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovação” (POCTI/COM/61029/2004)



Projeto de investigação financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/CCI/70893/2006).


EVOLUTIO: da Robótica Evolutiva à Filosofia da Comunicação” foi um projeto financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT): (PTDC/FIL/75060/2006).



Digital film (MEDIA program EU)