Carlos José Pacheco Poupa

Carlos Poupa has a multidisciplinary background. BSc in Electrotechnical Engineering and Computers, MBA and MSc in Business and now he is working in his doctoral thesis in Education.

Poupa joined Universidade Lusófona eight years ago, where he teaches Market Research and Organizational Behavior.

He is author of two books on Research Methodology.

His research at the Centre for Research in Applied communication and media technologies (CICANT) is focused on Internet Sociology.



Work Experience

Teacher of Data Analysis, Research Methods, Market Research and Organizational Behavior. Worked before in the auto industry.

Some Previous Projects

MAU – TV MEDIA (POCTI/COM/61029/2004)


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  • Damásio, M. & Poupa C. (2009). Profiling on-line users activities: a comparative study. Revista (OBS*), Vol. 3, nº 1, Observatório da Comunicação (OberCom). ISSN 1646-5954. Available online

Ongoing projects

Modelação de Utilizadores e Audiências
Digital Media
Audiovisual Strategic Business Planning
Envolvimento Cívico Feminino
A influência da publicidade nas Crianças

Support and Partners

Universidade Lusófona

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