Jorge Manuel Paixão da Costa

Jorge Paixão da Costa (b. Lisbon, 13 October 1954), screenwriter, film and television director. Professor at University Lusófona of Humanities and Technologies since 1997. Graduated (BA) in Cinematography (History, Theory and Sociology of Cinema) Stockholm´s University 1982. Master of Fine Arts in Communication and Cultural Professions at University Nova de Lisboa in 2002. Direct feature films like Adeus Princesa, Public´s Prize at Belfort film festival (1994) and The Mystery of Sintra, Moscow film festival gold award (2007). Signed several screenplays and direct, short films, documentaries and more than twenty television productions, including soap operas, sitcoms, series and television films.


2002: Mestrado. Master’s Degree. Fine Arts in Communication and Cultural Professions.
Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Portugal.

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