Manuel José Carvalho de Almeida Damásio

Manuel José Damásio holds a PhD in Communication/Multimedia Systems by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and an MSc in Digital Media by Napier University (UK).

He is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Film and Media Arts Department at Lusófona University.

He holds a vast experience in consulting and production concerning several areas of the field of audiovisual and multimedia production. He is a member of GEECT/CILECT Executive Committee and a member of the European Film Academy.


2011:Agregação.Tenure .
Minho University. Portugal.
2005: Doutoramento. PhD. Communication Sciences.
New University of Lisbon. Portugal.
2000: Mestrado. Master’s Degree. Communication Sciences (Culture and New Technologies).
New University of Lisbon. Portugal
1996: Mestrado. Master’s Degree. Film Production and Digital Media.
Napier University. Edinburgh, Scotland.
1996: Licenciatura. Degree. Communication Sciences.
New University of Lisbon. Portugal.

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