Mário Cardoso

Mário Cardoso has a degree in Marketing and Advertising from IADE – Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing. He is a Master student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in ISLA – Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração (Laureate International Universities), with a dissertation in technology-based business incubators.

He has more than 15 years of professional experience in Marketing, Communication and Advertising, as project manager and consultant.

He is teacher at ETIC – Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação in Design and Graphic Production and at the Universidade Lusófona in Audiovisual and Multimedia Project Management, Audiovisual and Multimedia Management Instruments, Project Economics and Marketing and Project Management.

He is also a researcher at the iDTV HEALTH PROJECT and CIAKL – Alliance for Cinema and Industry Knowledge and Learning at Universidade Lusófona.

Ongoing projects

Modelação de Utilizadores e Audiências
Digital Media
Audiovisual Strategic Business Planning
Envolvimento Cívico Feminino
A influência da publicidade nas Crianças

Support and Partners

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