Rui Pereira Jorge

Rui Pereira Jorge has a degree in Philosophy, a master’s degree in Communication Studies and is currently finalizing a PhD dissertation on Music and Technology. He has also musical education and training in editing and sound production.

He has done work as a musician and sound designer. His approach to music making is informed by the use of digital and analogue instruments and studio tools.

He has been involved in several projects including creating music for films, music for children, electronic music and sound experimentation.

He has also done some work in the area of music videos, documentaries and multimedia projects.

Parallel to this activity, has conducted research on the culture of sound, music and aesthetics.

He has published articles and participated in national and international conferences.

He teaches at the Universidade Lusófona, in Lisbon, on music, sound culture, sound design and music video.

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Ongoing projects

Modelação de Utilizadores e Audiências
Digital Media
Audiovisual Strategic Business Planning
Envolvimento Cívico Feminino
A influência da publicidade nas Crianças

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