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Universidade Lusófona

Lunch with Science Planned activities


Restart Europe (2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000033726)
MeDeMAP - Mapping Media for Future Democracies (Horizon Europe no. 101094984)

Rita Grácio

Nuno Cintra Torres & Tatiana Chervyakova

November 29 The podcast as a tool to science communication tool

Vanessa Rodrigues & Ana Sofia Pereira

Débora Ráda & Raquel Batista

Matchmaking FCT projects

*To be confirmed


January 3 Crescine (Horizon Europe no. 101094988) *TbC 
January 10 AI in Education and Research *TbC
January 24 Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation - EEAD (101081359)
Comsus (KA220-HED-B927)

José Paulo Oliveira

Timóteo Rodrigues

February 7 CICANT Evaluation *TbC
February 28 PHD students - best of thesis proposals *TbC
March 13 FilmEU events/Opportunities (presentation and discussion FilmEU programme and calls 2024) *TbC
March 27 Funding 2024/2025 Horizon Europe *TbC
April 17 Lusófona University IP Policy and CICANT data management policies and open science approach *TbC
April 24 Presentation CICANT seed funding projects *TbC 
May 8 Presentation LABS - ongoing works and projects *TbC 
May 29 Presentation best paper/presentation award CICANT *TbC 
June 12 FilmEU Summit/Exhibition *TbC 
June 26 Plan of activities 2024/2025  CICANT Board
July 3 Yearly feedback - challenges & opportunities CICANT Board 

*To be confirmed

Past activities


January 19 Let's get Animated! - REAnima EMJD presentation and other projects from the Animation team *TbC
February 16 What's up with the labs? Lab Coordinators
  • Movelab - Filipe LUz/João Abrantes
  • Early Visual Lab - Victor Flores
  • MeLCi Lab - Maria José Brites
March 23 Sound and Music - presentations from the Sound Sciences team of Researchers *TbC
April 20 Marketing & Design - meet the researchers and their projects *TbC
May 18 FilmEU & the European Universities Initiative Manuel José Damásio & Sandra Rocha
June 22 Overview on CICANT ongoing European projects *TbC
July 20 Presentation of ILIND/CICANT Exploratory Projects 2021 *TbC

*To be confirmed


September 15 Presentation of CICANT Exploratory Projects - 2020

Researcher Project: IM Lab (Intersectionality Media Lab) - The Joacine Katar Moreira Case Study
PI: Carla Rodrigues Cardoso
Team: Alexandra Barradas (PhD Student) Anna Ragasová (PhD Student),, Carla Cerqueira, Carla Martins; Sónia Lamy

Student Project: 360 Refugees - the challenges of sheltering
PI: Marina Vasques Oliveto

October 13 Welcoming Session to new PhD Students  
November 17 CICANT Scientific Journals *TbC
December 15 Team open discussion on the Centre Activities  

*To be confirmed