Universidade Lusófona


16 June 2021 / 5 p.m. Auditorium Museu Coleção Berardo.


In an original relationship with nature, the artistic and geophilosophical project on Earth Matter, which corresponds to a transdisciplinary project, in the promotion of research, experimentation, creation and artistic innovation, as a horizon of thinking and acting, in the critical moment constituted by the Anthropocene, intends to intervene and give visibility to other possibilities of inhabiting the Earth. It becomes the form of creative expression that mediates and articulates the past with the present, to communicate it to the future.


Romy Castro is a Visual Artist/Researcher/Curator. Integrated Post-Doctoral Researcher at ICNOVA - Culture, Mediation and Arts. She has a PhD in Communication Sciences, specialising in Communication and the Arts. Master in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art. Graduated in Plastic Arts/Painting, by FCBAM and FBAL. She has held numerous individual (representing Portugal abroad three times) and collective exhibitions in Painting/Installation/Sculpture, Photography, etc., at national and international level, and experimental work in Cinema/Video. He has participated in multiple conferences with essays in different dimensions and has published numerous articles in books and magazines of specialties.


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