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At the great moments when history convulses, the conflict about the commonality. It happened in Platonic Athens, with early Christianity, then with the modern revolutions and today with the new attempt to delimit what belongs to the common and what belongs to the private of the private in the planetary situation that is ours. Beyond the ways in which this alternative has been crystallising this alternative, we know that, at the same time as property, goods and property, goods and particularities, what is common to all humans was being produced.human beings. The Thomist ethical principle of the common good found its legal equivalent in the public interest in the public interest, and the common, as a substantive, incorporated a principle that political activity.

12th February 

Viriato Soromenho-Marques (Faculdade de Letras, Lisboa University) - "Refounding the Common: From the Great Anomaly to the new inhabitation of the Earth".

26th March 

Sofia Miguens (Faculdade de Letras, Porto University) - "Wittgenstein's Strangeness - The discovery of the common".

16th April 

António Guerreiro (essayist, critic, editor of the journal Electra) - "The poem solitary, interruption of the common"

16th May 

António Machuco Rosa (Faculdade de Letras, Porto University) - "Imitation, Common, Intellectual Property".

18th June 

Eduardo Souto de Moura (Architect)

16th September 

Vladimir Safatle (São Paulo University) - Conference organized in partnership with MEXE Festival - International Meeting of Art and Community

29th October 

Isabel Babo (Lusófona University - Porto) - "Common space and common space and recognition".

12th November 

João Sousa Cardoso (Lusófona University - Porto) - "An ecology of aesthetics".

10th December 

José Bragança de Miranda (Faculdade Ci~encias Sociais e Humanas, Nova University/Lusófona University) - A perspective on the common"; Tiago Guedes (Director of TMP) -"The Common in the programme of Teatro Municipal do Porto". 


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