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With Gagarin's departure into space in 1961 and the photographs of the Apollo mission, the Earth appears to us for the first time as a whole to our eyes, it falls into our hands by the work of photography and the technique which reproduced it and allowed us to get out of it - to see it from outside. The effects of this appearing as a planet and not as a support are decisive. If in the unconscious of history we have shredded it into countries and maps, in a violent geopolitics, if we have divided humans by nations and races, we are now forced to rethink everything that has been done. On everything we have inherited, now weighs this object that moves from our feet to weigh on all of us, demanding new possibilities to be inhabited. In this 3rd Cycle TMP/ ULP International Cycle, we will allow a free confrontation of these new looks that themes such as geophilosophy, the Anthropocene, the climate crisis, the Gaia theories, globalisation, global art or network activism.

 21st January 

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Plastic artist, musician, director) - "Ctonic Machine".

11th February 

Orfeu Bertolami (Porto University) - "The Science of Climate Change".

17th March 

Manuel José Damásio (Universidade Lusófona) - "What is 'looking' today? Towards a theory of cinema as research practice" (cancelled)

7th April

Teresa Castro ( Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3) -"From cartographic reason to ecological reason: a cinematographic journey" (cancelled)

19th May 

João Ribas (Curator, essayist) - "The Earth: the natural history of art" (cancelled)

2nd June

Helena Mateus Jerónimo (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - Lisboa University) - "Climate crisis and the techno-economic pattern: the uncertainties we add to uncertainties" (cancelled)

29th September 

Miguel Palma (Visual artist) - "Focused or dispersed dyslexia

27th October

Alexandra Balona (Researcher, independent curator) - "Displacements of the Earth and the Subject: The seismographic politicality of Marlene Monteiro Freitas".

10 November

Jürgen Bock (curator, essayist, director of the Maumaus programme)(cancelled)

9th December 

José Bragança de Miranda (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - Nova University/ Lusófona University); Tiago Guedes (Director of TMP) (cancelled)


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