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In an age of calculation, of rule, of prevention, the unexpected suddenly appears, something that interrupts the course of things, that seems to threaten life and its course. that interrupts the course of things, that seems to threaten life and its course. At paradox, the more one tries to avoid the accident, the more it appears as catastrophic and intrusive. presents itself as catastrophic and intractable. It is understood that, in this context, the idea of contingent and unpredictable, has come to be imposed to account for forces forces that exceed historical forms, whether they come from nature, like a catastrophe or from within the history we make, spread like a fire or an epidemic. There is a certain panic in the face of this excess of force and the weakness of forms, but also much of human culture has been based on waiting for a decisive event, a revolution, where peace and justice or joy can definitively win. Of this, some are witnesses to this, others proclaim it, others, tired of waiting, lose all hope. hope. But it is only through art, thought and technology that we respond to the event and the labyrinth is created where, as with the ancient Minotaur, we can be close to it and its power, without the illusion of annulling and controlling it.

18th May

Moisés de Lemos Martins (Minho University) - "The Age of Technology and Technological Mobilisation".

15th June 

Isabel Babo (Lusófona University - Porto)

28th September 

Louis Quéré (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris) - "Public Events and Collective Emotions"

16th November 

José Bragança de Miranda (FCSH - Nova University/Lusófona University)

21st December

Manuel Bogalheiro (Lusófona University - Porto)



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