Webinars MeLCi Lab – Ana Pérez Escoda

Webinars MeLCi Lab – 16th Abril 2021 – 16h30

Tackling fake news from #medialiteracy: perspectives, challenges and proposals for university students

O próximo evento Webinars MeLCi Lab tem como convidada Ana Pérez Escoda (Universidad Nebrija), que vai proferir a conferência “Tackling fake news from #medialiteracy: perspectives, challenges and proposals for university students”. A sessão decorre dia 16 de Abril, 16h30, no Zoom, neste link.

Abstract: The set of skills integrating media literacy are expected to be guaranteed in higher education especially after Covid-19 pandemic. On 31st March, the Director-General of the World Health Organization said “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic”. Unfortunately, time has confirmed this statement, highlighting media literacy is more necessary than ever, specifically affecting misinformation, fake news and media consumption among young people. It will be presented recent research involving 600 university students regarding these issues, it will be analyzed the key aspects to tackle fake news by including good practices in lessons. The disinformation of the younger public not only affects their ability to be efficient in a digitalized society but also jeopardizes the principles of democracies and citizens’ freedoms.

CV: Dr. Ana Pérez Escoda. Lecturer in University of Nebrija (Madrid) Spain. Teaching disciplines: Digital Communication, ICT applied to education, Digital competencies, Media literacy. Postgraduate and Teacher´s Training Coordinator and Coordinator of Doctoral School (2015-2019). Invited speaker in several international universities. Researcher in Nebrija_Innomedia Group: https://www.nebrija.com/medios/innomedia/ and active member in several National and European Projects, currently in MEDIATIZED EU (Horizon 2020). Research interests: media literacy, digital competencies, digital media, literacy and communication.

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