A day with Bordalo Pinheiro

To celebrate his 173rd birthday (21st March 1846), the Museu Bordalo Pinheiro (Bordalo Pinheiro’s museum), in partnership with Universidade Lusófona, opened its doors to the public for a second joint Open Day.

With free entrance, everyone was invited to participate in various activities that the museum offered throughout the day.

The name of this initiative is Vi uma andorinha a dançar no azul (I saw a swallow dancing in the blue) and in addition to celebrating the birthday of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, was also celebrated the sea and the flight of swallows, sign of the beginning of spring.

In the morning, the interactive sound piece “Canções de Marear” was disclosed: this work was based upon various illustrations of Bordalo Pinheiro, created by José Carlos Neves, with sound design by João Alves.

At lunch time, two mascots, one of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and one of Zé Povinho (Bordalo Pinheiro’s creation and the personification of the Portuguese nation) went through the Jardim do Campo Grande, in Lisbon, announcing the poster with the activities of this special day, and cheering the people.

Back to the museum, seven movies on Bordalo Pinheiro’s life and work, made by students of Universidade Lusófona (Lusofona University), of the second year of the digital animation course, were shown to the people present at the event.

Then two workshops started, one made by Francesca Casolino, that consisted on making pieces of clay with different types of sea molds, and the other made by Inês Marques, that had the objective of making sculptures with plaster, moulded in sand, inspired by maritime objects.

The museum also had VR devices that showed a series of 360º videos on the sea and on Bordalo Pinheiro, also produced by students of Universidade Lusófona.

The director of the museum, João Alpuim Botelho, was pleased with the number of people attending the event.

He talked about the importance of Bordalo Pinheiro’s work nowadays by saying that the value of all of his work is so important to the Portuguese culture, the drawing’s artistic side and the pottery showed by his pieces portray the injustices and freedom of thought.

About the public interest, João Alpuim Botelho expects to do more open days at the museum, hold comic book fairs, to entertain, and teach people.

At the end of the event was launched a comic strip of his name “Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, uma vida de desenhos” (Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, a life of drawings) developed by the Associação Tentáculo.

This year, public participation exceeded the number of the previous edition which leaves good perspective for future partnerships between the Museu Bordalo Pinheiro and the Universidade Lusófona.

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