“A Terceira Imagem”: opening of exhibition by research project Stereo Visual Culture

“A Terceira Imagem” (“The Third Image”), the second edition of the exhibition by research project Stereo Visual Culture  just opened

The second edition of “A Terceira Imagem” (“The Third Image”) — an exhibition of Portuguese stereoscopic photography, resulting from the research project Stereo Visual Culture, currently developed here at CICANT — opened at the Lisbon Municipal Archive Photographic Centre (Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa – Fotográfico), after the closure of its first installment in Leiria (m|i|mo) earlier this year.

Between 16 April and 22 August, audiences will be able to see the first comprehensive exhibition of stereoscopy held in Portugal, showcasing previously unseen images in both several stereoscopic original devices and present-day 3D technology

The Stereo Visual Culture project studied a significant part of stereoscopic photography collections available in Portuguese public archives and museums, as well as the discourses about stereoscopy published in newspapers and magazines specialized in photography of the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century.

Stereoscopic media allowed photographers to achieve the equivalent of 3D effects (tridimensionality, depth and volume) over 100 years ago, with the production of two slightly different images that are reunited in the observer’s brain.

Stereoscopy was introduced in 1838 by Charles Wheatstone and was widely used in combination with photography after 1849.

By the turn of the nineteenth century, the commercial distribution of stereo cameras, viewers and cards made stereoscopic media considerably popular among professional and amateur photographers and collectors.

The exhibition “A Terceira Imagem” promotes the rediscovery of a 3D past, in collaboration with Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo, Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema, Mimo-Museu da imagem em Movimento, Museu Carlos Machado (Açores), Museu da Ciência da Universidade do Porto, Centro Português de fotografia and EcoMuseu do Seixal.

Alongside the showcasing of original images and large bidimensional prints, the exhibition provides visitors with stereoscopic viewers for an appropriate visualization of these images.

Furthermore, contemporary 3D television sets allow visitors to view selected series focusing on relevant themes, effects and author collections.

Portuguese photographers include Aurélio Paz dos Reis, Emílio Biel, Alberto Marçal Brandão, Artur Benarus, Artur Freire, among others.


16 April to 27 June 22 August

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10 am to 7 pm, Monday-Saturday


Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa – Fotográfico
Rua da Palma, 246
1100-394 Lisboa
(Martim Moniz metro)

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