[Call for Papers] I Iberian Congress of Semiotics

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Iberian Congress of Semiotics
November 23, 24 and 25, 2017 in Lisbon

The 1st Iberian Congress of Semiotics – AIS – associated with the XVVII International Congress of the Spanish Association of Semiotics – AES – proposes a reflection on the conceptual triad fashions, modes and manners.

The fashion was given special attention in important semiotic works, among which stand out those of Bogatyrev, Jakobson, Barthes, Greimas, Eco and Fabbri. Simmel’s contribution to a sociology of fashion must be pointed out as that of Yuri M. Lotman, who defined fashion as a “metronome of cultural development”, that is, of the historical development of a culture.

The interdefinition of the terms fashions, modes and ways, in whose semantic nucleus the question of morphology is found, certifies the importance of a reflection on modes of semiotic existence. In this way it is intended to embrace different semiotic manifestations: from the modes, understood as a boundary or border, or as a time permanence (manners, customs), even fashionable in the sense of form and event.

In addition, all proposals that invite dialogue between semiotics and other disciplines dealing with phenomena related to fashion, life forms or the history of the present are accepted.

Finally, one of the great challenges of this meeting will be to include a space dedicated to areas and activities related to fashion: it is the establishment of contact points between the scientific and analytical dimension of semiotics and the practical dimension of those who Are concerned with the present and its trends.

Call for Papers

I Iberian Congress of Semiotics – Fashions, modes and manners |

The Call for Papers for the I Iberian Congress of Semiotics is open until May 10 .

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