Call for Papers-International Conference Literacies, Media and Information

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: 31 March 2018
  • 2nd April, 2018 – emission of the letter of acceptance
  • 18th Mai, 2018 – deadline for the reception of the pre-print versions of the accepted papers.

Initially, Literacy was defined as the capacity to employ skills, as reading, writing or calculus, in daily life.

In the last decades the concept expanded in manifold ways, in accordance with the social and technological changes, but instantiating again the characteristics of competence, reflexivity and citizens’ creative instrument.

In 2007, The European Commission recognized Literacy as a dimension in the strengthening of Democracy, defining it “as the capacity to access to the media, to understand and evaluate the different aspects of the media and their contents in a critical way and to create communication in different contexts”.

Media Literacy entails capacities such as the capacity to read the world, to retrieve and select information, diagnose its quality and relevance, but also to know and to understand technical procedures of redirecting information through algorithms and big data.

Recent evolution of the technologies of information and communication and the widespread manifestation of the media led to changes in the Literacy concept, demanding the incorporation of competences, new skills for the activation of resources, and critical reflexion to promote creativity. Multiple literacies in the globalized world shape local and global citizenship, capabilities, and the means of the citizens’ participation.

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