“Canções de Marear” at Bordalo Pinheiro’s Museum

From the 21st of March to the 31st of May the Bordalo Pinheiro´s Museum has an interactive sound piece named “Canções de Marear”, created by José Carlos Neves, with sound design by João Alves, with drawings of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.

The main theme is the sea, and the piece has four fishes and two cuttlefish, cartoons of contemporary characters by Bordalo Pinheiro published first hand in the newspapers “O António Maria” and “O Besouro”.

The figures have sound effects, the visitor who dares to touch the suspended fishes is surprised by different voices shouting amusing “sea trading”.

The “Canções de Marear” is ready to dialogue with the visitors of the Museum in the space of the Library, the place where the drawings published in the newspapers, now interactive, wait patiently for new life.

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