CICANT has won a new EU financed project entitled “ID GAMES”

With partner organizations from other countries, such as Greece (PekAmeA PEIRAIKI ENOSI GONEON KHDEMONON KAI FILON AMEA and MPIRMPAKOS D. & SIA O.E.), Romania (ASOCIATIA ALIANTA PENTRU COPII ARAD), and Poland (Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno – Wychowawczy Nr 1), the team will develop the project activities during 30 months with the end date being the 28th of February 2022.

The “ID GAMES” project is based on the belief that each person should be given the chance to be accepted, valued and have equal opportunities to develop their skills and personality.

This project focus on:

-Developing an innovative methodology (O1) of participatory living labs for inclusion where pwID, their careers, their trainers, healthcare professionals, game-designers/ developers, university students from related disciplines, people from local communities, volunteers, form mixed teams and design ideas-prototypes of serious games addressing the needs of pwID

-Developing 6 serious games (digital, physical, phygital) that adapt to the ages, interests and needs of pwID (O3)

-Creating an E-course for strengthening the competences of trainers of pwID, relevant professionals, caregivers and organizations addressing pwID on how to organize and implement participatory game-creation workshops and how to use the serious games (O2)

-Developing and E-platform with all the material of the project for sharing its results to a larger audience within Europe and worldwide and promoting inclusion and skills development of pwID and their careers and trainers (O4).


The objectives are:

-Promote social inclusion of pwID by involving them in participatory game design workshop

-Design serious games that empower various types of skills (conceptual, social, practical) of pwID

-Advance the skills of trainers, educators, caregivers, healthcare and other relevant professionals

addressing pwID

-Empower the organizations working with pwID or advocate the rights of pwID


The project “ID-GAMES” will have a great number of beneficiaries during its implementation. More specifically, it aims to involve:

-25 Trainers of pwID and member of staff will be trained through various project activities

-100 pwID, Carers of pwID, trainers of pwID, healthcare professionals, volunteers, university students, people from local community, game-designers, game-developers) will take part in the co-creation game workshops

-20 pwID will test and use the beta-version and 50 will play the finalized serious games created throughout the project

-1000 Carers, trainers, healthcare professionals, organizations working with pwID will get aware about the project outputs through dissemination actions or will attend the E-course through the E-platform

All the innovative materials created through the ID GAMES project are promoting the inclusion of pwID, the importance of enhancement of trainers’ competences and the open education in a new digital era. The materials will be available to anybody interested in using and implementing them for 5 years after the end of the project.

Support and Partners

Universidade Lusófona
Universidade Lusófona do Porto

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