CICANT’s researcher awarded by Sopcom

Manuel Bogalheiro, CICANT’s researcher, has been awarded by Sopcom to publish the book Crítica das Mediações Totais, a collective work coordinated by him with the participation of several researchers from CICANT. The book will be published under the seal of Documenta.

Sopcom Books Collection Award Results (2nd edition)

It is already known the classification that the Jury of the Sopcom Books Collection Prize attributed, by majority, to the three proposals in the contest:
1st place – Manuel Bogalheiro (org.), Crítica das Mediações Totais

The jury of the competition was constituted by Filipa Subtil (President of the Jury and member of the Management of Sopcom); Aníbal Alves (U.Minho), Moisés de Lemos Martins (U.Minho); Tito Cardoso e Cunha (Universidade da Beira Interior); Maria Augusta Babo (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).



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