CICANT`s Training – Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science – 7th April 11 am – Canceled

This event was canceled. To be rescheduled soon.

This time about Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science with Professor Manuel Pita.

In this workshop, he will explain the basics of how to manage your online academic presence in platforms such as Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science. There is a growing number of these platforms, and it is thus important to understand how they work. These platforms are used to assess your individual performance in terms of productivity, the quality of the venues where you publish our work, who are your collaborators, and the impact of your research. In addition, these platforms are used to assess the quality of research centers as a collective of individual researchers.

More specifically he will focus on:

1. Profile creation and updating
2. Profile curation and cleanup
3. Dealing with wrong automatic authorship assignments (esp. Google scholar)
4. Dealing with works not included (esp. Google scholar)
5. Understanding academic performance measures, e.g. h index
6. Other considerations, e.g. name changes, etc.

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