Cinematography in Progress Conference

The organization of the 3th International Conference on teaching and researching Cinematography hosted by RITCS and INSAS, Brussels and in association with the Lusofona University, Portugal, invites academic and professionals to submit original proposals that are fitted in the dynamic of the event as described in the topics of the conference.

The partners of this event are IMAGO, the European federation of Cinematographers and SBC, the Belgian Society of Cinematographers.

We welcome papers related to the following subject:
 The overall subject of the conference is Cinematography and in a wider context visual storytelling for fiction films.

Ideally, we want to invite scholars and cinematographers who have researched related topics as will be debated during the round tables at the conference.

The focus is on the connection between the methodologies of researching cinematography and teaching cinematography.

The deadline for submission of proposals is January 4, 2019. Each applicant may submit only one proposal. We invite submissions of paper presentations of 20 min. ABSTRACT max 500 words

Papers may be presented by co-authors, provided that at least one of them will be registered during the conference. (20 min)

Please send your proposal as a Word document or PDF via email ( ) including the following information:

  • Author(s)
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Title of proposal
  • Abstract. Proposal for paper/presentation (not more than 500 words) plus five keywords
  • Biography of each author (not more than 150 words)

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