Creative workshops + Open Day at the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, with Universidade Lusófona

On October 13, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum opened doors to all students who wanted to participate in the workshops, shows and guided tours of a diversified program that combines digital technologies, new forms of artistic expression and knowledge of the work of Bordalo Pinheiro.

The Open Day for Universities resulted from a partnership between the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum and the University Lusófona within the scope of the project In_Nova MusEUm.

The Open Day to the Universities closes the set of initiatives that took place during 2017, within the scope of this project.

The Lusófona University has prepared 3D printing and direct printing workshops, 360º movie sessions, smartphone documentaries, and demonstrations of films made in the course of digital animation.

The events and exhibitions took place in different spaces of the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum, which offered guided tours throughout the afternoon.

The art of Bordalo Pinheiro is prolific in works that evoke food and gastronomy, from celebrated ceramics to banquet menus. The Open Day to the Universities enters without aim of attracting to the museum the main target audience of In_Nova MusEUm, like people between the 18 and the 35 years.

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