Delivering Repeated Health Messages through Digital Media to Increase Physical Activity in Dialysis Patients

This project builds on past research on redundant communication, multimodal communication and linguistic agency assignment, testing how these principles impact on health and physical activity behavior change in diabetes patients in the US and Portugal.

The project aims to identify the best medium or combination of media to deliver health information and identify linguistic factors that influence efficacy of health messages and contribute to behavior change.

A total of four messages promoting physical activity will be delivered to diabetes patients in three different experimental conditions based on the medium/media combination and on message design agency.

Controls will assess health literacy, media literacy, diabetes distress and knowledge.

Outcomes will be based on the value and effectiveness of the messages, the levels of physical activity, self-care and bio-physiological health indexes.

The study uses as experimental design based on a baseline and endline assessment, exploring the effect of message design and communication as well as media affordances to better communicate and promote health behavior change in patients with chronic diseases.

The researcher Sara Henriques of CICANT was this month (September 2016) at the University of Texas-Austin.

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