muSEAum’s project release the new website

CICANT today inaugurated the muSEAum – Museums of Sea of ​​Portugal website. is the anchor of the Branding project of “Museums of the Sea” of Portugal for a Competitive and Sustainable Ecosystem: Model of Development of Audiences for Small Museums. The site also can be accessed by the domain The project is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) (PTDC / EGE-OGE / 29755/2017).

Attracting and retaining audiences are challenges that many museums face in Europe. These challenges are addressed by muSEAum. The purpose of the is to generate and test a public museums based on the coherent integration of the following disciplines: marketing and branding techniques applied to museums; visitor experience design; development of the collective mark muSEAum, Museums of the Sea of ​​Portugal.

Sea Museum is a concept that incorporates maritime museums, museums of art, ecomuseums, ethnographic, museum ships, sites and experiences very diverse. muSEAum is the concept applied to the collective mark.

The project lasts for three years and is developed by a partnership between CICANT and ten museums throughout the country. The investigation covers more than 70 museums that directly or indirectly have a relation to the sea.




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