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“Paisagens Marítimas de Portugal & Media Imersivos: Nazaré Imersiva” is an exploratory project by CICANT for the production and evaluation of immersive experiences about Nazaré. The concept of the project is the collection of stereoscopic photographs by Álvaro Laborinho from the beginning of the 20th century, which belong to Dr Joaquim Manso da Nazaré’s Museum. The general coordination and authorship is by Célia Quico, with the collaboration of Pedro Sousa, Rafael Antunes, João Alves, Valter Arrais, Virgílio Azevedo, Miguel Fernandéz and Rodrigo Pinheiro, and also with José Neves, João Maia, Susana Teixeira and Joana Fernandes, from the Lusófona University prototyping and digital fabrication laboratory (Labtec) for the creation and production of exhibition supports.
From the remediation of stereoscopic photographs, new analogue and digital content was produced, as well as respective supports and exhibition materials, namely:

– A 360º virtual reality (VR) video;
– An interactive application for 360º video;
– A website to support the project;
– A dome for shared VR experiences;
– Several exhibition materials: display stands, printed stereoscopic cards for stereoscopic displays.

The project “Nazaré Imersiva” was on demonstration on 29 and 30 October, in the lobby of the José Araújo library, within the scope of the muSEAum conference.
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