New issue: The International Journal of Film and Media Arts. Vol. 1 No. 2 – Stereoscopic and Immersive Media

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The International Journal of Film and Media Arts Volume: 1, Number: 2 (2016) is now available online.

The second number of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts is dedicated to stereoscopic and immersive media.

This issue has contributions from researchers, scholars and archivists working on visual media renowned for their stereoscopic and immersive features.

The papers in this issue keenly reflect a diversity of approaches that contribute to a critical understanding of stereo and immersive media today in the broad context of haptic and visual media cultures, with topics ranging from immersive pre-cinematic media, and scientific stereoscopic practices, to spatial and cultural aspects of virtual travel.


Issue Editors

Stereoscopic and Immersive Media
Victor Flores, Joana Bicacro

Full Papers

Hacking Stereoscopic Vision: the Nineteenth-Century Culture of Critical Inquiry in Stereoscope Use
Rod Bantjes
Between Immersion and Media Reflexivity: Virtual Travel Media in the 19th Century
Nikita Mathias
Between the Point of View and the Point of Being: The Space of the Stereoscopic Tours
Paolo Parmeggiani
Stereoscopic Therapy: Fun or Remedy?
Sara Raposo
Stereoscopy in Nineteenth Century Brazil: the case of Rio de Janeiro
Maria Cristina Miranda da Silva
British Stereo Photographers in Spain: Frank M. Good
Juan A. F. Rivero

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