3rd Internacional Conference – Photography and Sound Research

The 3rd International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media focuses on visual and sound media renowned for their immersive features.

Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

28/06/2018 09h0030/06/2018 19h00

Stereo and immersive technologies have been widening the fields of photography and sound since the 19th century, contributing to the emergence of a progressively immersive media culture. This conference aims to bring together photography and sound research fields bridging their historical and contemporary relationship with expanded and immersive environments (e.g. panoramas, virtual reality, sound art).

Call for papers: Cultura y Educación: “Digital Literacy, Fake News and Education”

The deadline for submission is 30 May 2018.

A revolution is going on at the very moment you read these words and you are repeatedly participating in it every time you log in. As with every revolution, the digital one started from a passion, a vision, an urgency to spread, and the promise of qualitative changes to come. One such change was the recent declaration of the United Nations (2016) on considering internet access a basic human right. How spread is this right across Europe? Is it the case that the digital is fundamentally changing literacy? What is the landscape of digital literacy and education interactions across European countries? What challenges does digital literacy pose to education in Europe?

Open Call for Contributions: Design projects at the intersection of digital media and public spaces

Open Call for Contributions:
Design projects at the intersection of digital media and public spaces

To open up and connect the conference to the wider Berliner public, this part of the conference is dedicated to the presentation of art, design, research projects and ideas dealing with the intertwining of ICT on the production of public spaces, their use and appropriation.
We are looking for sustainable and inspiring projects – both already implemented/realised and planed ones, and from ideas through theoretical to fictional ones – that address the role and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the production of public space(s).

Submission deadline of proposals 1st March 2018.

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