Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts

Edmundo Cordeiro took part in the 9th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, 11-14 June 2018, Athens, Greece, Cinema section, with the talk “The elevator scene in ‘Horse Money’: the sound-image”.

He also took part in the ATINER’s 2018 Series of Academic Dialogues – A Symposium on Teaching Arts & Culture in a Global World with the presentation of an editing entitled “Some notes about the masters and bachelor degrees in film, Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon”:  clicl here.

Three dimensional motion analysis for monitoring of rehabilitation and high performance training of the equine athlete.

The aims of his project is validate several rehabilitation techniques for horses through the kinematic three – dimensional analysis of their locomotion with the vicon system.

The population of this study are horses with previous clinical diagnosis that are admitted on rehabilitation center, and a specific protocol for musculoskeletal pathologies diagnosed is applied to them.

Biomechanical evaluation is performed prior to initiating the protocols, throughout its execution and at the end of it.

Manuel Mario de Araujo Pequito
Principal Investigator (PI)
João Manuel Cunha da Silva Abrantes
Principal Investigator (Co-PI)

This project was selected to be funded in the last FCT 2017 Call for SR&TD Project Grants.

Ref: LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-032613

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