International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media: New Issue Published

The editors of the International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media (IJSIM) are pleased to announce the release of a new issue. It includes two invited articles by Juan Rivero/María Teresa Ballesteros and José Antonio Hernández Latas (University of Saragossa) on Spanish stereoscopic photography. The issue is also publishing four peer-reviewed articles on the scales of immersive media (by Nick Jones), on the stereoscopic shows by Francisco Dalmau (by Celia Cuenca), on the early panoramic daguerreotypes by Jules Itier (by Gilles Massot) and on the 1860’s Hungarian photographer Miklós Barabás (by Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák).

Musicografia Braille e Equidade na CPLP

This 2nd International Seminar is the formative corollary of the “Course on Braille Musicography and Inclusive Musical Education at the CPLP” (1st Course of this genre at a distance in the world (lasting 120 hours), operating from the Musibraille Platform at UFRJ), in the scope of Post-Doc in Communication Sciences, under the title “Musicography Braille and Equity in the CPLP”, by Professor Dolores Tomé, at the ECATI / ULHT CICANT, in conjunction with the Research and Development Laboratory of Assistive Technology, Tecnoassis , from the Tércio Pacitti Institute of Computational Applications and Research of UFRJ, under the scientific guidance of Professor Dr. Augusto Deodato Guerreiro (ULHT) and the scientific coorientation of Professor António Borges (UFRJ).

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