Photographic Monuments – The Visual Construction of Heritage in the 19th Century

On the 15th of june in Mosteiro da Batalha, and on the 16th june in Museu da Imagem em Movimento, Leiria will be held the “Monumentos Fotográficos – A Construção Visual do Património no séc. XIX” (Photographic Monuments – The Visual Construction of Heritage in the 19th Century) conference.

The concept of heritage is inseparable from the images that represented monuments and cultural goods in the 19th century. The photograph was the main one of these images.

With it, the Portuguese heritage inventory is planned and numerous campaigns are carried out with national and foreign photographers that will alert to the preservation status of the monuments, as well as ensure their dissemination and geopolitical recognition.

The photographs of Carlos Relvas, Charles Thurston Thompson and Jean Laurent are some of the examples of how the photograph studies the monument, creates new points of view and aesthetically celebrates it.

The lecture ‘Monumentos fotográficos’ focuses so much on the photographs that have become inescapable to think of certain Portuguese monuments, as well as on all the monuments that, since then, have been asking us to photograph them.

Organized by the CICANT’s researcher Victor Flores that will give a conference about Carlos Relvas and Mosteiro da Batalha on the first day of the event.

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