Presentation of the Final Report of the ‘Platform Europe’ Project

The presentation of the final results of the ‘Platform Europe’ Project was held at the House of European History in Brussels, Belgium, on 11 July, and the research unit CICANT was represented by researcher Anna Coutinho. Funded by the European Parliament (Events Category COMM/SUB/2018/E id. N.0147) and promoted by the University of Roma Tre, in collaboration with CICANT, ULHT, the ‘Platform Europe’ project aimed at creating a ‘European Elections Monitoring Center ‘.

The Final General Report of the project was published by the Public Opinion Monitoring Unit of the European Parliament, with a chapter on Portugal drafted by Cláudia Álvares from the Directorate of CICANT and Anna Coutinho. The project included more than 100 European researchers who collected and analyzed more than 11,000 campaign materials from the 2019 European Elections, including posters, ads in newspapers, ‘outdoors’, TV time and ‘posts’ on Facebook.

The collected material is available in an online database, which can be found at

The report contains a comparative analysis of the material collected in the 28 Member States and is available for download at

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