CALL for PAPERS UNTIL November 19th 2017

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Play2Learn Conference brings together international researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to explore and discuss research, policy and best practices for game play and game production in learning.

The Conference is the culminating event for GamiLearning, an international research project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in Portugal and supported by the UT-Portugal project at The University of Texas at Austin. Over the last three years, we’ve conducted research about the uses of digital game creation in the classroom to support critical and participatory dimensions of media literacy for children ages 9-14 in Portugal and in the US.

The Play2Learn conference will take place in the venue Forum Picoas and Conference Center in Lisbon on April 19 in partnership with the 2nd International Media Literacy Research Symposium to be held on April 20 in Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

The Call for Papers is open until 19 of November 2017 (UTC+00:00), and the main topics are (but not exclusively):

The Role of Play in Media Education for All; Pedagogies of Play; Game Creation for Learning; Digital Game Creation by Students and 21st Century Literacy ; Game-Based Learning for Children and Youth; Do It Yourself Media; The Value of Gamification; Social Media and Learning

Youth Media and Learning and Technologies for Learning through Play.

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