Universidade Lusófona wins application for new Erasmus Mundus European Master in Animation Film

Universidade Lusófona’s Department of Cinema and Media Arts has just been approved by the European Commission for its latest proposal for the implementation of an Erasmus Mundus European Masters. This new Masters degree called RE-ANIMA – European Joint Masters in Animation (610566-EPP-1-2019-1-EN-EPPKA1-JMD-MOB) is a European Masters in Animation jointly offered by Universidade Lusófona, Leuven University / LUCA School of Arts in Belgium and Aalto University in Finland. The approval of this innovative and ambitious proposal in the field of animation cinema extends the offer of European University Masters to the area of ​​animation. The new master’s degree joins the existing DocNomads and Kino Eyes and confirms once again the degree of excellence and international affirmation of our teaching.

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