Colloquium “Intergenerationality, Media and Education”

The media experience occurs within the cultural environments of people (Colombo & Fortunati, 2011), an idea that is associated with belonging to a group or generation. Media experiments can shape a social construction of a “generational identity” that results from appropriations of the media and digital media. However, in a logic of individualization of communication, it is possible to equate that “generational contexts” and “generational identities” flow in unmediated media experiences.

In the hybrid perspective that characterizes the current media ecosystem, uses and consumptions are not necessarily generational but rather intergenerational (Bolin & Skogerbø, 2013). Digital places the emphasis on the “global generation” (Aroldi & Colombo, 2007). In the current context, media education needs to incorporate an intergenerational approach in critical reflection on the influence that new uses and media consumption have on society.

The call for communications to the colloquium “Intergenerationality, Media and Education”, held at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra on April 30, 2019, takes on the challenge of reflecting on intergenerationality in the context of media and education. Contributions in various fields of this thematic axis will be accepted. What are the proposals and theoretical reflections to think about intergenerational relations and the various media? Do media take an intergenerational perspective? Are media uses and consumptions derived from generational contexts? Do media and digital competencies create generational barriers? What are the contributions of generational and intergenerational approaches to media education?

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