Open Call-Defining digital/media/information literacy as culture, practices, or competences

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Submission deadline of proposals deadline: June 1st, 2018

Submission of applications

The summer school is targeted at PhD students at all stages of their research, who develop their research in the following areas :

  • the study of new literacies: observing, documenting and/or evaluating digital, media or information literacy
  • the study of educational initiatives in digital, media or information literacy developed by a variety of actors (teachers and educators, employers, associations, parents, media and tech companies, …)
  • the study of public policies in the fields of digital, media and information literacies at any geographical level
  • or any other topic related to digital literacy, media literacy, or information literacy

PhD students wishing to present and discuss their doctoral research at the summer school are invited to submit an application, including the following:

  1. A brief curriculum vitae (one to two pages)
  2. A presentation of their doctoral research in a maximum of 1500 words (references not included), including the following four sections:
    1. Problem or societal issue that the thesis intends to answer
    2. Research question, hypotheses (in the case of a hypothetico-deductive approach) and theoretical framework of the thesis
    3. Data collection and analysis method;
    4. Expected results: the usefulness of their research, from an academic and/or societal point of view (e.g. for the world of education, for the political world, for the media industry).
  3. An abstract of this presentation in a maximum of 300 words

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