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Kino: International Journal of Film and Media Arts

Presentation, Mission and Objectives:

Kino – International Journal of Film and Media Arts is a semiannual publication focusing on all areas of film and media arts research and critique, namely animation, television, media arts and videogames, and their varied social and cultural forms of expression and materialization. The Journal is particularly keen to address issues focusing on the consequences and practices related with film and media arts use and adoption in all the Portuguese speaking Countries (the Lusophone space). It will also address matters related with creative and aesthetic practices and other aspects of production that result in innovative social and cultural outcomes. The Journal stems out of the Film and Media Arts department at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, Portugal, and is clearly open to all research community in this area at an international level. Kino – IJFMA envisions to affirm itself as a relevant place for reflection, critique and empirical research in the areas of Film and Media Arts.

Website: IJFMA at Revistas Lusófona, http://revistas.ulusofona.pt/index.php/ijfma/


Manuel José Damásio

Paulo Viveiros

Managing Editor:

Joana Bicacro

Editorial Board:

Cláudia Álvares (ECATI, ULHT)
Bert Beyens (RITS, School of Arts, Belgium)
Donald Taylor Black (National Film School, IADT, Ireland)
Suzanne Buchan (Middlesex University, United Kingdom)
Kenneth Dancyger (Tisch School of Arts, United States)
Manuel José Damásio (ECATI, ULHT)
Victor Flores (ECATI, ULHT)
Inês Gil (ECATI, ULHT)
Filipe Luz (ECATI, ULHT)
Lothar Mikos (HFF, Germany)
José Bragança de Miranda (ECATI, ULHT)
Francisco Parreira (ECATI, ULHT)
Manuela Penafria (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal)
José Gomes Pinto (ECATI, ULHT)
Fabrizio Poltronieri (PUC-SP, Brazil)
Margarida Prieto (ECATI, ULHT)
Michael Rabiger (Columbia College, United States)
Laura Rascaroli (University College Cork, Ireland)
Luís Cláudio Ribeiro (ECATI, ULHT)
Paulo Viveiros (ECATI, ULHT)
Elke Weissmann (Edge Hill University, United Kingdom)


All contributions submitted to IJFMA are peer-reviewed according to the following steps:

1. Initial review – Editors evaluate each submitted contributions to determine if it is appropriate for consideration by IJFMA. Contributions/Texts that do not meet the minimum criteria for publication (see Author Guidelines) are returned to the authors within 2 weeks of receipt. This procedure is in the best interest of the authors who could fix existing problems or consider its submission to a more appropriate venue, avoiding delays caused by review process that would nonetheless lead to rejection.

2. Peer Review – Contributions/Texts that pass the initial review are assigned to Section Editor who selects 2 referees based on their expertise in the particular area of Film and Media Studies and linguistic proficiency of the assigned article. The article is then reviewed by these two referees who conduct double-blind peer review, a process in which both authors and referees remain anonymous. Referees are asked to evaluate the article based on its relevance and significance to the field of Film and Media Arts.

To facilitate timely publication, Referees are asked to complete their Referee’s Comment within 4 weeks.

3. Recommendation – After collecting both Referees’ Comments, the Section Editor makes a final recommendation on the acceptability of the article to the Editors, who based on Referees and Section Editor’s Comments, make a final decision on the acceptability of the article, and communicate to the Authors such decision along with the Referees’ comments.

The Editor’s final decision can be one of the 3 following categories:
“Accept as is”
“Minor Revision”
”Major Revision”

If the article falls within the Revision (major or minor) categories, the Author is welcomed to re-submit a revised article within the following 3 months. Such revised article will usually be returned to initial referees for re-evaluation in a second round of review.

Publication frequency:

The journal is published on a semiannual basis, in one volume with two thematic numbers per year. Fall issues are published in September and Spring issues are published in March.

Each year the call for papers is announced in January for the Fall issue and in July for the Spring issue of the following year.

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