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Dr. Manuel Pita, faculty member of Cicant – ULHT is the principal investigator of one of the research projects funded by the FCT for the call Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration 2019.

The project brings together researchers from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and University College London in a partnership with the Ministry of Education in Portugal. The key focus is on the analysis of online social conversation in the communities of secondary school students across the country. The main goal is to identify causal factors and mechanisms that are contextually involved in the emergence of collective dynamics associated with a range of conversational ‘health states’. For example, some sub-goals will be to identify what may cause communities to polarise on certain debate topics; or how they collectively assess and share their own knowledge about a certain subject; how do they engage in civic interactions that may involve cross-cultural or inter-community communication; how do they handle the spreading of false information, and so on. One of the main products of this work will be an artificial-intelligence based tool to support the public administration in monitoring social conversation in school communities that also generates recommendations for ethically-driven, targeted, educational interventions aimed at improving the quality of the conversation that drives the social pulse of Portuguese youth. This interdisciplinary project will integrate cutting-edge techniques and knowledge in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Social Psychology and Data Science.

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