Victor Flores


Victor Flores holds a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and is an Associate Professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

He is the founding organizer of the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media: Photography and Sound Research , and is the principal editor of the corresponding International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media.

He coordinated the scientific research project Stereo Visual Culture.The Visual Culture of Portuguese Stereoscopic Photography funded by the Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology (2012-15) and European Stereo Masters: Carlos Relvas, financed by CICANT in 2017.

He currently lectures on graduate and postgraduate courses in photography, visual culture, image analysis and media arts.

He was recently the editor for the book The Third Image. Stereoscopic Photography in Portugal (Short Digital Version, 2016, Documenta), and has previously published books such as The Technical Images and their Beliefs (Vega, 2012) and Minimalism and Post-Minimalism: Form, Anti-Form and Body in the Work of Robert Morris (Labcom, 2007).

Since 2015 he has curated several exhibitions dedicated to stereoscopic photography.


2009: Doutoramento. PhD. Ciências da Comunicação.
FCSH. Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
1999: Mestrado. Master’s Degree. Ciências da Comunicação.
FCSH. Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
1995: Licenciatura. Licentiate Degree. Ciências da Comunicação.
FCSH. Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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