EEMC – European Election Monitoring Center

EEMC – European Election Monitoring Center is a research project, promoted by the University of Roma Tre, funded by the European Parliament (Events Category COMM/SUB/2018/E id. n. 0147.) EEMC is focused on promoting citizens’ awareness of the vote and the electoral debate, and to increase knowledge about the European electoral campaigns topics, involving in the process of voting the largest number of potential voters.

Exploratory Projects

We present below the pdfs of the Exploratory Project Reports of the Center for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies:

The portuguese version


The general objective of the project is to prevent vulnerable audiences from starting a process of radicalisation by offering them resilience and critical thinking mechanisms, as well as convince those already engaged within a process of radicalisation to abandon it or dissuade them from going further by providing an alternative narrative that deconstructs extremist rhetoric, in order to change violent behaviour.

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