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In 2019 CICANT started, in parallel with the evaluation process ensured by the national structures, a process that aims at the adoption and implementation of procedures and mechanisms for internal quality assurance to boost the activities of the centre and its researchers and new scientific achievements.

To help consolidate this objective, CICANT has invited three recognised experts in the Centre's main areas of expertise to join the External Advisory Board:

  • Maria Dora Mourão
    Full Professor in the Department of Cinema and Radio, Communication and Arts School (ECA) at São Paulo University (USP).
  • Johan Siebers
    Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion in the Department of Criminology & Sociology, School of Law at Middlesex University London.
  • Nico Carpentier
    Extraordinary Professor, Department of media Studies at Charles University.

The EAB acts as a sounding-board for the Board of Directors helping the Centre gain new insights and advice to overcome difficulties and or fragilities and explore new opportunities by stimulating robust, high-quality critical thinking and analysis.

The EAB's intervention so far has focused on two specific moments. In 2019, where an initial assessment of the Centre, of our activities and proposals for the future was carried out, meeting face-to-face, in Lisbon, both with the Board and with the integrated researchers and PhD students. And in a second and more recent moment, in 2021, where in a format adjusted to online, it had the possibility to interact with the same stakeholders, evaluating the progression curve of the Centre's activities, comparing the current panorama with that which was analysed in 2019.

From these moments of critical reflection and constructive dialogue, reports and recommendations are produced which are translated into measures that the Board, at the General Assembly, annually proposes and daily consolidates.


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