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Universidade Lusófona

João Barata

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Media Arts Creative Industries and Technology

João Barata is a Fashion Designer for over ten years. It was the area he always dreamt of.

Being Fashion Designer was his Plan A and that is why his training was exclusively in the area of Fashion Design, from the BA to the PhD.

In his daily life, João loves to observe other people and to capture all the visual information from all areas of knowledge. From an early age, he understood that people choose their garments to tell something about themselves and to be included in the fashion system. For himself, João Barata feels safe wearing a black plain shirt, jeans or black trousers. “It's my social uniform”, he replies, “then I express myself with the accessories and small details”.

Nowadays he works as an Assistant Professor at Lusófona University in Lisbon. He has been lecturing since 2012 where he has been teaching subjects related to Design’s methodology in the Textile and Apparel scenarios. Accordingly, his line of investigation is related to the practice of Fashion Design, considering that João always has a researcher/fashion designer/teacher/trainer's standpoint.

There is, he considers, something very rich and unexplored in the designing of fashion products, either to the study of the designer’s creativity or the process of transposing ideas into forms, aiming for the outcome to become a wearable “Prometheus”.


2020: Fashion Design (PhD) - University of Beira Interior, Portugal + University of Minho, Portugal (association)

2012: Fashion Design (MSc) - University of Beira Interior, Portugal

2010: Fashion Design (BA) - University of Beira Interior, Portugal