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Project Reference


Start / End

01/03/2021 - 28/2/2023

Funding (Total)

205 195,00€

Funding Programme

Erasmus +

Leading Partner

Akademie Klausenhof

José Paulo Oliveira (Lusófona University)

MAKS Media Actie Kuregem Stad

Active Citizens Partnership


Vilnius Art Academy

Socialna Akademija

ArtDiCo - Digital storytelling for people with little digital literacy – new e-learning approaches

ArtDiCo aims to promote digital storytelling for people with low digital literacy, who based on their experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic, will learn how to move into the virtual/web, engage in the arts, and express themselves creatively with the support of educators. The project therefore takes up the experiences of the pandemic period by creating videos in the sense of digital storytelling that depict what was experienced. Works of art are to be selected that best reflect this time: e.g. a lonely landscape, the desire for conviviality or the fear of infection.

This setting is intended to reach people with low digital skills in particular.

ArtDiCo also aims to capture the current state of digital learning and apply it to the needs of digital storytelling. Cultural education and its practical application in adult education play a major role.

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