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871078 – CEAR – ISFP-2018-AG-CT-RAD

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Erasmus +

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Universidade Lusófona (PORTUGAL)





Active Citizens Partnership (GREECE)

Multikulturel (AUSTRIA)

Techsoup (POLAND)




European’s Project in which Lusófona University (PORTUGAL) leads the consortium from ten countries:

The general objective of this project is, primarily, to systematize a practical model of community and civic engagement that can enhance civil society’s skills and capacity to prevent and counter radicalisation (PVE/CVE) by developing digital toolkits to disseminate in the local communities. Secondly, to develop support structures offering to all relevant local actors tailored trainings and consultancy services to help them to implement specific initiatives on PVE/CVE.

Specific objectives:

  • Test and develop an evidence-based methodology of community engagement aiming at preventing and countering radicalisation into 3 digital toolkits targeting three types of communities: (1) youth organisations, (2) organisations of families of radicalised people and (3) Muslim communities.
  • Implement the evidence-based methodology by supporting 54 local actors through tailored trainings, in order to teach them on how to empirically apply the toolkits in their own communities.
  • Develop a support consultancy service, in order to help 22 youth organisations, 14 organisations of family of radicalised people and 18 Muslim communities in implementing 54 PVE/CVE initiatives.


  • 3 digital toolkits for youth organisations, families of radicalised people and Muslim communities 3 training for trainers for the consortium’s NGOs on how to use and disseminate the toolkit.
  • 54 meetings for local communities developed by the consortium’s trainers;
  • 54 PVE/CVE initiatives developed by the local actors.

Expected results:

  • Individuals that have easy access to practical tools on PVE/CVE and work as multipliers within their own communities by developing PVE/CVE sustainable initiatives;
  • Support individuals and civil society to build resilience;
  • Preventing radicalisation through education and social inclusion;
  • Support further research into the trends and challenges radicalisation and recruitment to terrorism.

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