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Founded on 2001, HUMANITAS is a Federation made up of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) which develop their action within the scope of the habilitation and inclusion of the people with Intellectual Disability. It represents about 6000 people with intellectual disabilities, supported by 35 institutions, covering the entire national territory.

The existing cooperation with CICANT was established in April 2021 and intends to facilitate the creation, production, and dissemination of accessible and inclusive resources for people with Intellectual Disability. The protocol broadly intends to foster research and innovation in this field, as a strategy to produce effective change in the daily lives of this population, through the production and open dissemination of resources, including digital games. While CICANT is in charge of production and development, with the cooperation of the Bachelor’s Degree in Videogames, HUMANITAS facilitates the contacts with the different IPSS, to ensure dissemination, distribution, playtesting, and data collection.

Partner website: https://humanitas.org.pt/


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